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Rue McClanahan dies

June 3, 2010

Rue McClanahan

Rue McClanahan died today at 1 AM from a massive stroke at age 76. Rue McClanahan is known for her role on Golden girls which also stared Bea Arther, Betty White, and Estelle Getty. This now leaves Betty White the last remaining member of the hit TV show. Rue had had an early stroke in January after heart bypass surgery. She will be dearly missed.

Photo from×0/106408_rue-mcclanahan.jpg

Plant a Tree 2010

June 1, 2010

Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the environment? Well now is your chance to do that and it FREE! Just go to here and then click on which state you would like to plant one in. Now all you have to do is connect to your face book and your done! You have now just planted a tree in the state of your choosing. This environment helper was all thanks to Odwalla!

Odwalla logo

Burger king ribs?

May 31, 2010

burger king

I went to my local burger king two or three days ago and was surprised to find that they now had a rib meal or you could add 3 ribs to your meal for $1.99. I thought this was going to taste like ass but on the contrary it was good. The ribs had a flame broiled flavor and smell to them. The extremely same sized ribs come with a dipping cup of BBQ sauce. For the size and number of the ribs the price is way too much but the flavor of the ribs is unparalleled to any other I have had. I think this is something you should try for yourself so spend the extra 2 bucks and add three savory ribs today.

burger king ribs

 Burger king logo:

Burger king ribs:

Gary Coleman Died today

May 28, 2010

Gary Coleman, known for his work on different strokes, was in the hospital after hitting his head and earlier today died at the age of 42 from a brain hemorrhage. Gary Coleman has had medical problems all his life and some legal problems more recently. We will miss you very much.

Gary Coleman (different strokes)

Gary Coleman (2010)

Shrek forever after Mcdonald’s glasses

May 21, 2010

The new Shrek forever after movie has hit theaters today and McDonald is doing a promotion that if you buy a MEAL you can get a collectors glass for $1.99 or around $2.14 without a purchased of a meal. I love Shrek and still have Shrek the 3rd glasses that are high quality with a nice design. The new ones are also high quality like its counter parts but the design is very ugly and not visually satisfying. One nice part is the catch phrases on the cups.

There are limited supplies at Participating McDonalds and once they are out they will bring out the next. There are a total of 4 glasses that feature: Shrek, Fiona, Puss (in boots), and Donkey! So add these to your cup collection today! For more info click here to take a better look at each glass!

Gold class cinemas

May 7, 2010

Gold class cinemas are top notch for movie goers. This movie theater (or movie heaven) does not have the sticky floor, the shoulder to shoulder cramping, or even pop corn. This movie palace serves alcohol, gourmet food and much more. The downside to gold class is that there are only six locations in the U.S. and the tickets are $22.00 per ticket and for special members they are $17.50 but for the lavish experience it is worth it. For more info watch the video below.

Leap Year movie review

May 5, 2010

Leap Year

Leap Year

Leap year is a romantic comedy about Anna who travils to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend.

You can sum up the movie in one word crap. This is the stupidest movie i have seen in a long time and i’m the guy who watched transformers twice. Leap year need to change its name to sleep year. i’m giving this a 1 out of 5.