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Quick movie review

June 29, 2010


Crazies ~ Is about a town that gets infected by a virus that turns people into zombies. It’s just a knock off of all the other zombie movies. I’m giving it a “D”

hot tub time machine

Hot Tub Time Machine ~ “The laughs bubble over in this comedy about a hot tub that also doubles as a time machine. The men in HOT TUB TIME MACHINE realize that they just aren’t as suave as they used to be, so they travel to the past to rediscover themselves.”1 (Do I need to say more?) This movie gets a nice hot “F”.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (Based on Rick Riordan’s book series) ~ Percy Jackson soon finds out that he is more than just you average trouble-prone teen and that he is really a demigod (half human half god) and must find and return Zeus’ lightning bolt. Read the book and it was so funny. Watched the movie and was not happy of the transition. The movie is C+ to a B- but I think you should read the funny and captivating book.


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