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SpongeBob characters based on the 7 deadly sins

March 15, 2010

SpongeBob has been said to be pro-gay and have gay undertones. But do to a commentary there is a new question, are the characters really based on the 7 deadly sins (1)? According to a commentary on the season 1 DVD Doug Lawrence (voice of many characters on SpongeBob such as Plankton (2)) said that Stephen Hillenburg (creator of SpongeBob (3)) based 7 main characters on the seven deadly sins (1). Now you may ask yourself who the characters are. As to my knowledge people on SpongeBob are not speaking on the subject of the seven deadly sins but on fan of the show has an idea of who they are and are as follow:

Sloth is the sin of laziness, or unwillingness to act. Obviously this is Patrick. He lies under a rock all the time and doesn’t really do anything. In fact in the episode “Big Pink Loser” he got an award for doing nothing the longest.

Wrath involves feelings of hatred and anger. Squidward hates his life, usually hates SpongeBob, and is pretty much angry most of the time.

Greed-Mr. Krabs
Obviously Mr. Krabs is greedy and desires money. How could Greed not be Krabs? He actually sang about the power of greed in “Selling Out”.

Plankton is envious of Mr. Krabs because The Krusty Krab is a success while The Chum Bucket is a failure. His envy drives him to try to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula.

I actually think this one is pretty funny. Did you ever notice the running gag in SpongeBob where they say “don’t forget to feed Gary” or Sponge says “I gotta go feed Gary”. Gary even ran away that time when SpongeBob forgot to feed him. Gluttony usually refers to the overindulgence of food so I’m guessing this one fits him pretty well.

Sandy takes a lot of pride in who she is and where she comes from. She takes pride in the fact that she is from Texas and likes to let everyone know it. She also takes pride in the fact that she is a mammal and a land creature, like in the episode “Pressure” where she tried to prove land critters were better than sea critters.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking. It does seem a little weird and curious at first but I have given it a lot of thought. Lust in one definition is “excessive love of others”. I think this one works best for SpongeBob. He shows his love of others with his over eagerness to do well and help people. If anything is true about SpongeBob it’s that he loves everyone around him, even if they don’t exactly love him back.

Do you agree with this person’s connection of the seven deadly sins and the characters vote bellow and leave a comment!

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  1. Emily permalink
    July 13, 2010 10:36 pm

    So… I agree with some and then again some of them are questionable. Like for wrath, I think that it’s possible Ms. Puff could also associate with wrath. A definition of wrath is “intense anger (usually on an epic scale)” and we should all know that Ms. Puff blows the roof with intense anger on an epic scale. But then again I could be thinking too hard.

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